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SCH is a one stop shop for all your IT Business Solutions. We specialize in Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery, Custom Programming, Network Administration and System and Data Security.

BUSINESS CONTINUITY/ DISASTER RECOVERY ~ Unplanned as well as planned downtime can impact companies by bringing operations to a halt. SCH has solutions to ensure continuous operations and disaster recovery. Our consultants will meet with your team to plan, design, execute, and launch a business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Allow our team to come to your location and do a system performance analysis on your current system to find out where all of the bottlenecks are accruing.

CUSTOM PROGRAMMING ~ If your company needs to modify or enhance software applications, SCH has a highly trained staff available to assist you. Our staff can come to your location and help with the projects that need to be finished on a strict schedule, therefore allowing your full time staff the time needed to attend to the everyday issues that need to be taken care of at that time. We can handle RPG, COBOL, and FORTRAN etc.

NETWORK ADMINISTRATION ~ SCH offers assistance in the administration of numerous types of networks and systems, ranging from peer-to-peer to client/server to VPN and remote access. Our network professionals can come in and by working with the I/T department design the network that is best suited for your company.

SYSTEM AND DATA SECURITY ~ SCH can help ensure system and data security from both external and internal intrusion. It is important to understand the complexities of how to design and maintain a secure network and data storage. Have our security team perform an analysis of your system design and implement solutions necessary to protect your system and data.

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For more information, pricing and configuration contact us or call (513) 936-9829 today!

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